Forced Abortion- Donna’s Story

Forced-Abortion-Donna-Story During 9/11 and the housing crisis of 2012, America saw a spike in abortion rates. When life is uncertain and resources are scarce, an unplanned pregnancy can seem more like a crisis than a challenge.  As we face the COVID-19 pandemic, The Justice Foundation wants to reassure America they are still there for mothers and families in need. During these harrowing times, services such as The Justice Foundation’s Center Against Forced Abortions (CAFA) may be more important now than before. CAFA was created to provide legal resources to mothers who are being forced or coerced into an unwanted abortion. One such mother, Donna, was only 16 when she was forced to have an abortion.
“In 1976, I was 16 and a ward of the State of Tennessee and got pregnant. Because society and judges had believed the blatantly evil lies of the abortion industry, it was legalized,” Donna said.  “As a result of it being legal, I was told I could not have my child…. I was forced to murder my first child,” she added. 
I was told my child was just a blob of tissue, not a child

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The Justice Foundation understands that women are coerced to have abortions and provides resources to help mothers that find themselves in these situations. 
“I was told my child was just a blob of ‘tissue’, not a child. … I was told it was a ‘problem’ not a miracle … and they could ‘fix’ my ‘problem.’ I wanted to keep my child…” Donna said.
No one – not even her parents – can legally force a pregnant teen mother to have an abortion, even during the uncertain times of a pandemic.  But sometimes these teens, their parents, school counselors, and perhaps even pregnancy center staff may not be aware of this fact. The Justice Foundation in cooperation with Care Net, Heartbeat and NIFLA are continuing to provide pregnancy centers with tools to empower and help protect these young women from the horrible trauma of forced abortion.
“If I would have understood the truth that ALL of the adults in my life were making a horrific decision for me and that my first child was actually my first child and being murdered, as I thought it was – I would have been empowered to at least make a stand to save my child… even still as a minor myself.”
By sharing stories like Donna’s, our hope is that other women will have an opportunity to see the truth—abortion hurts women and there are better options. Today, all fifty states have Safe Haven laws that allow the burden of childcare to go to the state and the millions nationwide waiting to adopt. This option is free of cost to the mother. Even better, it allows families desperate for a child to provide a loving home. As Americans, we must not allow this dark time created by the pandemic to cause further loss of life and human rights through the horror of forced abortions.  If you or someone you know is being forced, coerced or unduly pressured to have an abortion against their will, contact The Justice Foundation for assistance.  Call 1-866-4OUTCRY (468-8279) or visit It might save a life. To learn more about The Moral Outcry movement and petition to end abortion in our nation, please visit To learn more about what The Justice Foundation is doing to help women hurt by abortion, please visit and

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