Frequently Asked Questions

What are the five reasons to Make Abortion Illegal in all 50 States?

The same reasons The Moral Outcry Petition used to ask the Supreme Court to reverse Roe, which the Court did in Dobbs on June 24, 2022, are the same reasons every state should make abortion illegal now:

✅ Abortion is a Crime Against Humanity

✅ Safe Haven Laws help women in an unexpected pregnancy by eliminating the burden of parenting.

✅ Abortion Hurts Women.

✅ 1-2 Million People Want to Adopt Newborn Babies

✅ New science shows that life begins at conception, including IVF, DNA testing and sonograms

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Why are you taking the petition to the States now?

Short Answer: In Dobbs, The Supreme Court reversed Roe, but they did not protect life. They left the issue of abortion to the states to decide. We believe the right to life is present in the Constitution and that is one reason why we call abortion A Crime Against Humanity. A Crime Against Humanity occurs when the government withdraws legal protection from a class of individuals, as the Supreme Court and the states did with slavery and segregation against the class of African Americans.

Explanation: The Supreme Court created the Crime Against Humanity in Roe. But now the Supreme Court has corrected it by reversing Roe. Explanation: Now the Moral Outcry Petition should be sent to the government bodies that have the power to ban abortion and correct this crime against humanity – which are the States and Congress. God will hold the rulers accountable. Isaiah 28:14-22

How will you collect over a million signatures?

Short Answer: Through publicity, cooperation with other Christian ministries, churches and technology, along with God’s help and yours.

Explanation: We will continue to ask major Bible-believing Christian denominations, pastors and major Christian organizations such as the American Family Association and Priests for Life to distribute emails to their membership list consisting of millions of individuals asking them to sign the petition. That should be relatively inexpensive. In addition, we are attempting to collect donations and provide for paid advertising and message coordination on social media among pro-life individuals asking them to sign the petition.

What other groups are endorsing or have signed the Petition? (Just since June 19)

Short Answer: Many, adding more each day. Thanks be to God.

Explanation: The Moral Outcry National Endorsers and Supporters List (alphabetical)*

1. Alarid, Brian, America Prays
2. Amabile, Paul & Cheryl, Amabile Ministries International
3. Amedia, Frank, POTUS Shield
4. Baehr, Ted Th.D., HHD, J.D., Movieguide(r), Producer’s Guild of America (PGA) Member
5. Beatley, Terry, Hosea Initiative
6. Bickle, Mike, International House of Prayer
7. Boumann, Maryal, Pray California
8. Branson, Pastor Steve, Village Parkway Baptist Church
9. Bush, Luis and Doris, Transform World 2020
10. Butts, Dave, Harvest Prayer Ministries
11. Bynum, Pierre, Family Research Council
12. Cahn, Jonathan, Author and Leader of Hope of the World and the Jerusalem Center
13. Chae, Young-il, E.N.D. (Every Nation’s Disciples) Ministries
14. Chun, Dooseung, L.A. Glory Church
15. Cirignano, Larry, Children First Foundation
16. Collins, Cynthia, Operation Outcry
17. Coonce, Dr. Garth W. & Tina, Founders of TCT Network, Inc.
18. Crossland, Th.D., Gary, The Octagon Project
19. Crouley, Meri, Meri Crouley Ministries
20. Crump, Lisa, National Day of Prayer
21. Daly, Jeff, National Day of Repentance
22. Dobson, James C., Founder & President, Family Talk
23. Engle, Lou, The Call
24. English, Grace, MD (Founder of CARE Christ-centered Abortion Recovery & Education)
25. Everett, Carol, The Heidi Group
26. Fletcher, Kimberly, President & Founder, Moms for America®
27. Forney, Georgette, Anglicans for Life
28. Friz, Jonathan, Founder of 10 Days of Prayer
29. Gibson, Brian, Pro-Life Action Ministries
30. Glessner, J.D., Thomas, National Institute for Family and Life Advocacy (NIFLA)
31. Gonzalez, Yanira, International Prayer Council
32. Han, Pastor Paul, Senior Pastor of Grace Church
33. Harper, Sheila, Save One
34. Hawkins, Kristan, Students for Life
35. Heckman, Randy, Executive Director of Grand Awakening
36. Hogan, Lewis & Rachel, United Cry
37. Horn, Darrell, San Antonio Baptist Association
38. Hoye, II, Walter B., Issues4Life Foundation
39. Jessip, Kevin, Global Strategic Alliance
40. Johnson, Abby, And Then There Were None
41. Kang, Pastor Ezra, President, Jesus Awakening Movement for America (JAMA)
42. Kendrick, Steven, co-writer and producer of the movies Facing the Giants, Fireproof, Courageous, and War Room
43. Kim, Yale, U.S. National Prayer Council
44. King, Dr. Alveda, Alveda King Ministries
45. Kubal, Dave, Intercessors for America
46. Lederer, Laura J., President, Global Centurion
47. Mancini, Jeanne, March for Life
48. Martir, Herman, Asian Action Network
49. Medina, Melissa, Rise Up Women’s Movement
50. Mertz, Gregory, Citizen Go
51. Menzies, Winston, Creative Ministries
52. Miller, Natasha, Natasha Ministries, Live as One Light
53. Nelson, Rev. Dean, Chairman, Frederick Douglass Foundation
54. O’Keefe, Colin, Founder & Executive Director, Tipping Point
55. Parker, Joseph, Urban Family Communications/American Family Association
56. Parker, Star, Center for Urban Renewal and Education
57. Paulus, Byron Life Action Ministries
58. Pavone, Father Frank, Priests for Life
59. Phillips, Tom, Vice-President, Billy Graham Library
60. Pierce, Chuck, President of Global Spheres, Inc. & Glory of Zion International Ministries
61. Ripplinger, Esther, Executive Director, Human Life of Washington
62. Seignious, III, Frank P. – Doulos Disciples – World Wide
63. Sheets, Dutch, Dutch Sheets Ministry
64. Shin, Sam, President, Southern California Korean Ministers Association
65. Snyder, Alexandra, Life Legal Defense
66. Solomon, Robert, National Black Pro-Life Union
67. Stringer, Doug, Somebody Cares
68. Tatum, Pastor K.P., New Mount Rose Missionary Baptist Church
69. Varela, Lorraine, Inspiring Faith International
70. Warzywak, Rick, Transformation Michigan
71. Wuthnow, Debbie, iVoter Guide
72. Yates, Jason, My Faith Votes
73. Wildmon, Tim, American Family Association
74. Zeidler, Dan, President, Family Life Council

When will you present the new Moral Outcry Petition to each state?

Short Answer: At the most optimum time, as the Lord leads. For example, very shortly after Roe was reversed, individuals in Indiana asked for our help. We provided the testimonies of Indiana Women Hurt by Abortion. One testimony from each county in Indiana was placed on the legislator’s desk, and they passed a law substantially banning abortions.

Explanation: The answer to that question requires prayer and watching developments in the legal field and in each state as they occur.