Cynthia Collins: It’s Time to End the Lie of Abortion 

Time-to-End-the-Lie-of-Abortion Pro-choice activists describe abortion as a basic human right that empowers women. Unfortunately, the sad reality is that abortion hurts women in countless ways.  Cynthia Collins is a perfect example of a woman hurt deeply by abortion.  In January 1973, Collins became pregnant as a young 19-year-old college freshman in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Her friend encouraged her to go to Planned Parenthood. Roe v. Wade had just been decided in January of 1973. Time-to-End-the-Lie-of-Abortion
“Abortion didn’t end my problem, it added to my pain,” Collins said in a testimony on the Operation Outcry website.  “I was never told about the development of my baby or the risks of abortion. The force of the suction abortion was severe,” Collins said. “What I felt was intense pain and as though not only my baby but also my soul was being suctioned out.”
Collins said that her life changed the day of her abortion. She was diagnosed with breast disease less than a year later and fell into a dark depression. She started using drugs and drinking alcohol to bury the pain she felt. She left college and pursued a self-destructive path filled with promiscuity, bulimia, suicidal thoughts and even more abortions. 
“My heart and my life changed that day. I began to stuff the pain of abortion [down]. My own worth and value began to diminish,” Collins said. 
During one of her abortions, a part of the baby was left inside her body and Collins was referred to another abortionist. 
“After crying in deep pain, with my arms grabbing the wall, the abortionist looked at me and told the nurse I was too far along. He told me to get up, get dressed, and get out. I left bleeding heavily, in pain, passing parts of my baby and given no additional care. Afraid, ashamed, and alone, I sought help from a physician who admitted me to the hospital for an emergency D&C,” Collins said. 
The pain of the abortions continued to haunt Collins into her marriage and future life with her family. After one year of marriage, she miscarried due to the scarring in her uterus from the abortions. During  later pregnancies, Collins was put on bed rest by her obstetrician. Collins said that her son told her he felt like there was someone before him and wished he had an older brother. 
“It is time for the lie of abortion to end. It is time for the millions of women with abortion in their past and for our nation to heal. It is time,” Collins said. 
Today, Collins works to help women avoid the suffering she endured from abortion as well as find healing as the Global Advisor for Operation Outcry and founder of She has submitted written testimony before the U.S. Supreme Court, the European Union, the World Congress on Families, in United Nation workshops, before State legislatures in the U.S., and Members of Parliament in Australia, Holland, and Portugal. She has also spoken on topics such as “Predatory Relationships, Pregnancy, Trafficking, and Abortion” at workshops on sexual trauma and reproductive loss and Heartbeat International’s Annual Conferences.  By sharing stories like Cindy’s, our hope is that other women will have an opportunity to see the truth—abortion hurts women. To learn more about The Moral Outcry movement and petition to overturn Roe v. Wade and end abortion in our nation, please visit


Denny and Melinda Thybault are the founders of The Moral Outcry. A petition to the Supreme Court for the overturn of Roe v. Wade, Doe v. Bolton and Casey v. Planned Parenthood.

Melinda received strategy from the Lord for a petition to the Supreme Court for the ending of abortion much like Wilberforce and his petition to end the slave trade. Their hope is with over a million signatures it will serve as a symbol of a massive moral outcry. Declaring that the people do not accept the compromise that leads to the death of millions of innocent babies and that it will awaken the nation's conscience to the abolition of abortion in America.

In June 2016, Melinda had a powerful encounter with the Lord asking her “Loan Me your womb!” It seemed impossible since she she was approaching 50 and had already completed menopause. On April 16, 2018 Mindy and Denn welcomed their baby Gideon Wilberforce into the world, the first of the 4 frozen embryo children they adopted. They believe that life happens at the moment of conception. Melinda was more than willing to trust God and lay her life down to carry her son and birth him into the destiny God has written. Gideon boldly makes a case for LIFE!

They have dedicated their lives to awaken the Church to the plight of the unborn. The most vulnerable fatherless are within the womb today. Together they share the LIFE message by equipping the Church with the origins of abortion and the spirit of adoption. Their heart burns for Mal 4:5-6

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